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After manuscript submission to Editor in Chief (e-mail: the peer review process consist of 5 steps: 

  1. Peer reviewers selected by expertise. 

  2. Reviewers' comments received by Editor-in-Chief.

  3. Initial decision sent to authors. 

  4. Revised manuscript reviewed by Editor in Chief to ensure that reviewer's suggestions have been addressed. On occasion, the original reviewers also review the revised manuscript. 

  5. Final decision sent to author and at the same time requested to pay an Article Publishing Charge (APC). Following payment of this fee, the article will be made universally available at no further charge through


The APC for Linguistic Cues to Social Meaning journal is $500 USD, excluding taxes.

  • For articles submitted between 21st August 2021 and 21st August 2022 there is a 50% introduction discount;

  • For articles submitted between 22nd August 2022 and 22nd August 2023 there is a 25% introduction discount.

Presubmission Inquiries

Authors may send to our editorial office (e-mail: the Presubmission Inquiry to learn about the suitability of proposed manuscripts or to propose article topics. The Journal Editor will generally respond by e-mail within one week.

Please include the following information in your Presubmission Inquiry letter:

  • Name

  • Institution

  • E-mail address